How people are dying …

the story that we are being told to believe

There is an “invisible monster” called a “coronavirus”. It watches you like one of Santa’s elves … waiting for you to be “naughty” and take your mask off!  When you do, or even go within 6 feet of somebody without a mask on, it will pounce like a hungry lion! It will crawl up your face and into your nose (with it’s invisible legs) and crawl down your throat into your lungs like the creature from the “Aliens” movie! There, it will reproduce until it kills you and itself! (Hmmm… why would it do that? If you die, it dies also.) Apparently, since everybody admits that “coronavirus” is not alive, it must be dumb also. Killing the host is not very smart. Even “monsters” in movies know that!

Oh well … our “brilliant” scientists came up with a plan! They are going to inject poisonous chemicals (that actually ALTER our cellular structure) into our bodies in an attempt to kill the “coronavirus” that they claim is already dead and they can’t even prove exists! They will get to test the new experimental “mRNA” vaccines and “Solid Lipid Nanoparticle” combination (that has NEVER been proven to work on test animals and NEVER been tested on humans).

Just in case they screwed up with the vaccine formula and we all DIE or turn into weird genetic mutations … they put a clause in their contract stating that we can’t sue them!

We should stay home, wear masks, let them spend our tax dollars in advance, and trust them to save us. Either obey voluntarily … or they will make it mandatory and FORCE US TO OBEY!