Exposing COVID-19 and the “coronavirus”

This website presents NEW plans to end the pandemic and help SAVE LIVES!

We are being told to trust the government and let them solve this. After almost a year and incredible amounts of money spent, these are the best plans they came up with:

For prevention … we should stay home, avoid close contact with people, and wear a mask. Any mask.

Their solution … we ALL need to take an experimental vaccine when it comes out! They are putting all their hope into an experimental vaccine, and are trying to convince us to get it. They have no “Plan B”. Have YOU heard of any official “back-up plans” in case the “vaccine” doesn’t work?

They also claim that many people will continue to die until at least 90% of us are vaccinated, and we should both expect and accept that. 

What if we don’t?

This website makes new claims regarding WHAT COVID-19 and the “novel coronavirus” really are along with HOW and WHY people are dying! It provides supporting EVIDENCE to prove the claims, and PLANS to stop the preventable deaths NOW!

It also formally challenges our government, the CDC, and members of “big pharma” to prove the claims wrong!

People are dying … but NOT for the reasons that we are being told.

We need to consider ALL ways to save lives!

We need to TAKE ACTION to resolve the REAL reasons why people are dying!

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It’s our choice.

If we stay home IN FEAR and do nothing, events will unfold as our government and the media are predicting. They are anticipating at least a few hundred thousand more deaths in the next six months! They’re claiming it will probably be worse … and we should just accept that. Are you OK with that?

I DO NOT ACCEPT 200,000+ preventable deaths in the near future!

So … I decided to do something about it …

Most people talk and complain about problems. For over a decade, I solved them professionally. As Quality Assurance Manager for a few big companies, one of my important responsibilities was to maintain the “Corrective and Preventive Action” systems for ISO-9001 compliance. I was the one responsible for analyzing all problems that cost the company money and performing a “root cause analysis” to find out the actual reasons problems happened. Various tests were performed. After that, I developed specialized and documented “Corrective And Preventive Actions” to make sure they don’t happen again.

In a similar fashion, I have “taken on” COVID-19 as a new challenge and “problem” to resolve. My professional “root-cause analysis” uncovered some serious issues that need to be addressed! I created some plans and procedures that need to be implemented NOW to save thousands of lives! These are presented in the “Saving-lives” section of this website. The “Nanotechnology” section will help you to understand this new technology and “high-tech poison” contributing to the increased fatalities. The “Reference” section contains some important information along with links to relevant websites and videos.

Please investigate! Lives are in danger … including YOURS!

“We the People” NEED TO TAKE ACTION!