Challenge #7

Prove that “coronavirus” is not affected by 5G radiation.

Iron-oxide nanoparticles have a strong electromagnetic field.



Selected external stimuli are used to trigger the release of the drugs encapsulated in the nanoparticles.



As you can see in the chart below, a variety of external stimuli have been used to release the drugs contained inside the nanoparticles.



Apparently they didn’t test to see if the release of drugs in the experimental nanoparticles can be achieved using high-frequency microwave signals!

The purpose of this challenge is to determine if high-frequency “5g” microwave radiation will or will not trigger the release of drugs encapsulated in metallic nanoparticles. 

This challenge will remain posted here until somebody proves that high-frequency “5G” microwave radiation will not affect man-made metallic nanoparticles.