OUR answer to Challenge #4

( Prove what types of masks actually work. )

This is a very important issue!

The illustration below shows how deep different size particles can get into the lungs.  

The larger particle above is 5 microns in diameter (or 5000 nanometers). A micron is 1000 nanometers.

Particles below 2.5 microns in size are officially recognized as being dangerous to humans! These can get so deep into the lungs that they can’t be removed. You may have noticed “PM2.5” on Air Quality reports. This is what that number refers to. If YOUR area is shown with a high concentration of “PM2.5” … get inside immediately! This stuff will accumulate in your lungs until you slowly suffocate and die!

If your government REALLY cares about you, WHY haven’t they explained this more to people? (If you know, you might want to shut down some factories causing this deadly new type of pollution, and they will lose money.)

The bottom block of the diagram above refers to nanoparticles. These have one dimension that is between 1 and 100 nanometers. 100 nanometers = .1 micron. (That is the number in the lower right corner.)


Notice that nanoparticles are so small that they get DEEP into your lungs. SO deep, that you can’t get them out.

Even a surgical mask cannot protect from the small ones! As they accumulate, they block the alveoli in your lungs from receiving oxygen and cause a mucus buildup. After inhaling a large amount, you clog your lungs and die. This is why ventilators don’t work! Your lungs get clogged like a vacuum-cleaner bag. Increasing the air flow won’t help. the only solution is to replace the full bag in the vacuum-cleaner with a new one. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with humans. If you let enough nanoparticles accumulate deep in your lungs, the alveoli clog up and you die.

You should investigate the facts and theories yourself!

Some links are included below to get started …

Based on the research presented on the government websites accessed with the links above, there is a simple answer … with lots of proof.

NO publicly available masks filter out nanoparticles!

(The first link to a NIOSH brochure on page 11 recommends “Self Contained Breathing Apparatus” with a full facepiece.)

This is such a SERIOUS danger, that an industry called Nanotoxicology was created to investigate the various ways people DIE from nanoparticles!

Since masks don’t work, the only real safety solution is to educate the public about the dangers of nanoparticles and implement strict safety regulations to protect people!