Challenge #4

Prove what types of masks actually can filter “coronavirus SARS CoV-2”.

There are many types of masks available and many claims regarding their effectiveness AGAINST CORONAVIRUS. Sure, masks can filter particles in the air. But only certain size particles. 

The purpose of this challenge is to PROVE the claims of our government and mask manufacturers.

We are looking for actual proof of filtration against “coronavirus SARS CoV-2”, not just studies with similar stuff, such as water droplets or particles that are hundreds of times larger than “coronavirus”.

Can you PROVE that a selected mask actually is able to filter “coronavirus” without restricting breathing?

Here’s HOW :

    1. Agree to a mutually acceptable test location, time, and date.

    2. Bring samples of “coronavirus” that can be added to an aerosol dispenser. 

    3. Bring sample masks that allegedly filter “coronavirus”.

    4. We will utilize a mutually designed and acceptable test rig to perform the test.

    5. All tests will be streamed live to the internet.

The masks recommended by our government …


Why does the government not seem to care what materials we use?

Think about the recommendations they gave to YOU about selecting the right material.

Here’s a link to remind you of what we are being told :

MSN published a study rating masks below. Where did they come up with the numbers? Here’s a link …

An impressive experiment can be reviewed below. The only thing missing is real test material (a “coronavirus”) instead of theoretical estimations on it’s size and concentration. These impressive tests prove masks filter out particles from sneezing. They just don’t prove that any REAL “coronavirus” are on ANY of the droplets.

An independent researcher performed a “down to earth” test of various masks … 

The following links are to government websites about masks :

WHY has the government NOT discussed or followed it’s own regulations ?

This challenge will remain posted here until actual proof of a mask filtering “coronavirus” is submitted.