How to test some of the new claims …

Here is a list of a few ways that YOU can help end this “coronavirus” pandemic and stop the fear gripping our nation! People are dying, but not for the reasons that we are being told. 

  1. Review the images on this website and compare them to everything that has been presented to you as “coronavirus”.

  2. Ask why they look the same.

  3. Why has nobody identified the images being called “coronavirus” as actually being images of man-made iron-oxide microspheres developed in 2016?

  4. Ask why our government withheld the truth from us about the REAL reason that people are dying.

  5. Review the sizes of nanoparticles, microspheres, and “coronavirus”.

  6. Find out what size particles can be filtered by the material that YOU are using for a mask.

  7. Decide for yourself … will YOUR mask filter ANY of the 3 particles listed above?

  8. Have all people that tested positive answer a survey.

  9. Find a location where ALL locals who tested positive for “coronavirus” can come together and discuss their symptoms.

  10. Can anybody prove unique symptoms for “coronavirus” that are different from the common cold or chemical poisoning?

  11. Can anybody claim that a friend or family member tested positive for coronavirus, showed symptoms of coronavirus that were different from any other sickness they have experienced, and INFECTED YOU? (Where you became sick and then tested positive for coronavirus.)