Revealing the Truth

People are dying because of exposure to nanoparticles!

The “pandemic” of recent deaths is the direct result of our former president removing important safety regulations in the “Nanotechnology” and “Nanomedicine” industries.

This increased profits for many large companies and “boosted the economy”!

Unfortunately, the decision to remove safety regulations to increase company profits proved to be a fatal mistake. For people. Not their profits.

This website presents evidence that there is NO invisible “monster” called “coronavirus” causing COVID-19.

Man-made “nanoparticles” being made in a new industry (that safety regulations were removed in) are the REAL causes of the increased deaths this year! (You can learn more about them in the section of this website titled “Nanotechnology” and then “Nanomedicine”.)

The new industries that have evolved use incredibly dangerous new technology to make huge profits! 

The “root cause” of the pandemic … 


The pharmaceutical industry has rapidly grown to become the most profitable industry on Earth! Last year it generated over TEN TIMES the profits of the entire defense industry. Analysts predict that in the next decade it will grow TEN TIMES more profitable than it is now!

The main area driving this massive increase in profitability is the medical applications of “Nanotechnology” called “Nanomedicine” that uses “nanoparticles”. These new creations are between 1 and 100 nanometers in diameter. For reference, A sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick!

Contributing factors to the causes of the “pandemic”:

1.  Competition for BIG profits.

The race is on! who will make the most money introducing this new technology … the US or China?

Which companies will make billions in extra profits?

2.  Removal of safety regulations.

Our former president bragged about removing over 800 regulations!

( FYI … They were established for a reason. )

These “interfered” with the profits of a few big corporations.

Most of the regulations that were removed were SAFETY REGULATIONS!

After the safety regulations were removed to speed up development and gain a “competitive edge” in this new industry, China did the same.

Do YOU think removing safety regulations was a good idea? 

3.  Lack of public knowledge.

Most people are unaware of the existence of this new industry … so they are also unaware of the serious dangers involved! Do YOU realize what is being done in “nanomedicine” within the “nanotechnology” industry? Do YOU understand that nanotechnology is SO dangerous that a new field called “nanotoxicology” was created? ( To learn more, check out the “nanotechnology” section of this website. )

Poorly trained factory workers in China eventually made too many mistakes that couldn’t be covered up. Most mistakes in industry are minor. Unfortunately, when nanoparticles are involved, the potential for human fatalities is incredible!

4.  No current plans to resolve this.

We are being distracted! ALL attention is focused on the “vaccines” being the miracle cure for an imaginary “coronavirus”. Deaths will continue to increase. It will be blamed on “asymptomatic people” … healthy people! They will push for 100% vaccinated. Maximum profit potential! More time will go by and more innocent people will die. Eventually, we will realize that the vaccines don’t work … after many, many, people die first! 

“We the People” MUST DECIDE!

What is more important …

the profits of a few big companies or OUR safety and survival?