WHY nobody has “turned off” 5G yet …

It’s all about the money !

5G technology will generate INCREDIBLE PROFITS for a FEW big companies!

Many wealthy people have already invested billions in this technology and are making huge profits!

They have already spent millions in bribes to get laws passed to protect them.

Everything seemed to be going according to plan … until people started dying “mysteriously”.

Their plan is to keep us distracted for another six months so they can finish installing the 5G equipment. By the middle of 2021, all the 5G equipment should be installed and activated.

As they test out new installations, people in the local areas WILL DIE! The media will report these as new “coronavirus” outbreaks. People will stay home in fear and not realize the real cause of the deaths.

They’re not intentionally killing people … just denying responsibility.

How do you think the coronavirus “targets” nursing homes? Seriously … think about it. Does the “official” story REALLY make sense to you? It starts when dead coronavirus’s (with no brains or legs) somehow know to attack certain locked buildings (called nursing homes). When they get inside, they search out elderly people who they attack, crawl inside of, and then reproduce until they kill them along with themselves. (Isn’t that a lot of effort for a “coronavirus” to go through to kill itself?) 

So, by June … the “mysterious” deaths will end completely. All the people who received experimental medication using metallic nano-particles or microspheres will have DIED OFF by then!

And, to make things EVEN MORE PROFITABLE for them, their co-conspirators will sell a vaccine to hundreds of millions of people! Guess what? … amazingly enough … all the deaths from “coronavirus” will stop by June! Hooray! The vaccine makers will make incredible profits and claim that the vaccine worked!

WOW! They will even “get away” with allowing hundreds of thousands of people DIE needlessly while they make INCREDIBLE PROFITS! To them, when installing new technology, it’s considered “acceptable collateral damage” to have only a few thousand deaths! From their perspective, that can’t stand in the way of progress (or profits)! To add to the insanity, they will get recognized as hero’s for creating a vaccine that “saved us”!

“We the People” need to stop this to save ourselves!