“We the People” NEED proof !

Answer a few simple challenges …

Click on the green buttons below to find out HOW to prove each challenge


1. Prove that "coronavirus" REALLY EXISTS !

Just bring ONE sample to our lab for examination and live public exposure.

2. Prove that "coronavirus" is CONTAGIOUS.

Bring samples from two people that match.

3. Prove the SIZE of a "coronavirus SARS CoV-2".

How small is it ?

4. Prove what types of MASKS actually work.

What materials will filter out “coronavirus”?

5. Prove WHERE in the body "coronavirus" can be found.

What is the “target” of the new vaccines?

6. Prove that "coronavirus" is not MAN-MADE.

Provide pictures comparing a “coronavirus” with iron-oxide microspheres.

7. Prove that it's not affected by "5G" MICROWAVE RADIATION.

Does high-frequency “5G” microwave radiation affect iron-oxide microspheres inside medical patients?

8. Prove that "coronavirus" is not the FLU VIRUS.

Provide a high-res photo of each next to each other.

9. Prove that the new mRNA vaccine is NOT a "coronavirus".

Provide a high-resolution photo of each next to each other.

10. Prove WHY we "need" to take an experimental vaccine.

The color of the “challenge” boxes above will change from RED to GREEN for any individual challenge that has proof submitted.