Magnetic targeting of nanoparticles

Scientists have been doing this over a decade. Look at the picture of an iron-oxide nanoparticle on the cover of this old brochure. Doesn’t that look a lot like the “monster” coronavirus?



I think the inventor may have been watching an old war movie one day and noticed the soldiers dropping anti-ship mines (with explosives inside) into the water.



His child came into the room playing with one of these old toys. With it, you would use a magnetic “wand” moving behind the face to move magnetic particles to add hair or beards to the image.



Then he had an idea!



A whole new EXPERIMENTAL industry was created !



This is how they “target” metallic nanoparticles to specific locations in the body.


Notice the similarity between the shape of these and “coronavirus”.

The illustration below shows how magnetic particles can be targeted to blood vessel leaks.



The next image shows how they can use a magnetic field in blood vessels to control the movement of metallic nanoparticles to various organs.



Various size metallic nanoparticles are used to “target” different organs.