How nanoparticles work

as “novel” drug delivery systems


The illustration above is a Solid Lipid Nanoparticle “breaking into” a cancer tumor and then releasing the drugs inside of it.

The new COVID-19 vaccine (RNA ingredient BNT-16282) being manufactured by Pfizer is contained in a Solid Lipid Nanoparticle (Lipid ALC-0159) similar to the one illustrated above. Normally, these are “targeted” to leaks, clogs, and tumors as shown below.

There is no explanation how these will target “coronavirus” or how they will get to a physical location in the body to target them! 



Notice how pegs on the nanoparticles attach to receptors on tumor cells.



The diagram below shows two types of targeting for drug delivery.



The “A” diagram below shows a nanoparticle with corona pegs attaching to receptors on a cell. It then is drawn inside and the drug (or vaccine) is released.

The “B” diagram below shows how nanoparticles cross through the “Blood Brain Barrier” to deliver their cargo of drugs.