A few ways to INTENTIONALLY get nanoparticles into humans.

The typical way to get experimental drugs into your body is by injection.

This is how Moderna and Pfizer will administer the new “anti-coronavirus” vaccine!

The vaccine will be delivered inside “solid lipid nanoparticles” identified as “Lipid ALC-0159” and “Lipid ALC-0315”.

The diagram below shows how different size nanoparticles accumulate in different parts of the body.


There are more ways to get nanoparticles into bodies! The chart below identifies the advantages and disadvantages of various ways.

(“NP” means nanoparticle)

(“hepatotoxic” implies chemically (VACCINE) caused liver damage)

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Please review some of the disadvantages listed in the red box above. Realize that your family cannot sue the manufacturers if you die! They have immunity from lawsuits.


The various parts of the Respiratory System …


For aerosol delivery, the right nanoparticle size must be selected to insert it into the targeted part of a body.

Image 19

The bottom block of the diagram above refers to nanoparticles. These have one dimension that is between 1 and 100 nanometers. 100 nanometers = .1 micron. (That is the number in the lower right corner.)

Notice that nanoparticles are so small that they get DEEP into your lungs. SO deep, that you can’t get them out. Even a surgical mask cannot protect from the small ones! As they accumulate, they block the alveoli in your lungs from receiving oxygen and cause a mucus buildup. After inhaling a large amount, you clog your lungs and die. This is why ventilators don’t work! Your lungs are clogged like a vacuum cleaner bag. Increasing the air flow won’t help. the only solution is to replace the full bag in the vacuum with a new one. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with humans. If you let enough nanoparticles accumulate, things clog up and you die.