Exposing Coronavirus

This is the typical “coronavirus” illustration. This is what our government and the media has conditioned us to fear. They portray it as a “scary monster” that is causing the recent wave of deaths.

nanoparticles 990x548 1

It actually is an illustration of a man-made “iron-oxide nanoparticle”! This IS what is causing the deaths! It is not a “monster” attacking people and causing deaths. It is the left-over man-made metallic microspheres from an experimental medical treatment that is already inside the future victims!

Sometimes new experimental treatments are successful. Often they are not. Especially when companies ignore safety regulations in a rush to make the most profits. Unfortunately, this is one of those times, and people are dying as a result of greed.

Below is a diagram of the iron-oxide nanoparticle that is illustrated above.



These are injected into your bloodstream and carry drugs.



Have you seen the image below for “coronavirus”?

Visualization Of The Covid-19 Virus (Corona)

This actually is a “solid lipid nanoparticle”.

Compare the images above and below along with the shape of the “pegs”. 



Are you curious why the “monster” is called a “corona” virus ?

nano with corona label


A big problem scientists are having is creating the correct “corona” …

3-Figure2-1 (2)


When you read about scientists designing the vaccine to target the attaching pegs on the coronavirus, what they actually mean is they are adjusting the coronas of the man-made microspheres to regulate the drug delivery rate.