The chart below contains some basic nanoparticle types along with their sizes.



The illustration below also shows some basic nanoparticle types.

The two on the left are the ones contributing to the recent wave of deaths and are being called “coronavirus” as a code name. These were early experimental versions of a “novel drug delivery system”. Unfortunately, they encountered some “issues” when it was discovered that the high-frequency radiation (being referred to as 5G) excites the metallic parts, causes excessive mucus development, and then death of the patient.

To resolve this, companies received massive funding from our government to develop a safer way to deliver medicine. This is called “developing a vaccine” 

The “Solid Lipid Nanoparticle” illustrated in the upper right corner is the new replacement version that scientists hope will not be affected by 5G. (I used the word “hope” because they are not going to be cautious and thoroughly test it before use. Instead, they got our government to sign a waiver giving them immunity from being prosecuted when people start dying from it.) This is the one chosen to be used as a “novel drug delivery system” to deliver the new vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer.


Some of the technical differences between types of nanoparticles.


Nanoparticles can be customized in many ways.