Hierarchy of hazard controls

The following Infographic was created by NIOSH.

(  National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health )

It shows how effective masks are compared to other methods for controlling hazards.

This graphic will help to explain why we are wearing masks (Personal Protective Equipment).

The most effective method, Elimination, won’t happen. To “physically remove the hazard” (stop using nanoparticles) would reduce profits for many companies, including our government (which has invested heavily in this new technology).

The second most effective method, Substitution, won’t happen. To “replace the hazard” would cost money and reduce profits. (Nanoparticles ARE being substituted for quality ingredients to INCREASE profits!) 

The next method, Engineering Controls, won’t happen either. To “isolate people from the hazard” would admit the hazard exists and prompt lawsuits. It would also cost companies a considerable amount of money to follow safety regulations. (Lockdowns in your home are the cheapest solution. Stay safe in your home while companies make incredible profits poisoning the environment outside.)

Administrative Controls are being implemented. “Change the way people work” … implement lockdowns and promote work from home.

The least effective method to control hazards is with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It doesn’t cost companies any money, they don’t have to acknowledge safety violations, and they can make profits selling masks !