Stopping deaths from AIRBORNE nanoparticles

Particles less than 2.5 microns (2500 nanometers) in size pose serious health threats to humans!

A new category has been added to Air Quality charts to show this. Look for “PM2.5”. When you see this indicated in your area … stay inside! Even surgical masks don’t filter this stuff out. If you breathe in enough of it, YOU WILL DIE! There currently is no way to remove particles this small from deep inside your lungs.

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Did you notice any red dots on the previous Air Quality map? People in those towns that go outside and take a deep breath of unfiltered air can die! And, of course, their deaths will be blamed on the imaginary “coronavirus” instead of man-made air pollution.

If this doesn’t seem bad enough, scientists invented even smaller particles that are even deadlier! Look for “PM0.1”. Particles that size are called nanoparticles. (0.1 micron = 100 nanometers.) This is the “missing link”. Coronavirus outbreaks indicate areas with high PM0.1 concentrations. (These are from nanoparticles that are at least 25X smaller than the PM2.5 particles.)

The following chart illustrates how they can get DEEP into lungs and past even surgical masks.


These small particles stay in the air A LONG TIME ! On the diagram below, the tiny circle on the left represents .5 microns, which is 500 nanometers. Nanoparticles are usually smaller than that!


Environmental Health and Safety programs were developed.


Some guidelines established by our government can be accessed with the buttons below.


“We the People” need to LEARN about this EXTREMELY DEADLY new technology!

We MUST implement and enforce strict safety regulations!

Our future survival depends on it!