Introduction to HOW to save lives …

There are a few preventable NEW ways that people are currently dying! There are also at least 2 major NEW ways to kill us that we will face in the next six months. We also have to do something about many other ways that we are being poisoned. 

Each needs to be resolved differently.

“We the People” NEED to do this!

Let’s start by resolving COVID-19 and “coronavirus”!

If we take action on the claims made on this website, we can SAVE the lives of thousands of innocent people!

If we stay home and “watch” others “attempt” to stop the “pandemic” their way, we will hear lots of excuses, but hundreds of thousands of people will die and their deaths will be blamed on “coronavirus”. Sadly, people will accept this.

While this is happening, the rest of us will be injected with experimental chemicals that will alter our cellular structure!

Instead of letting this happen,

“We the People” need to take action ourselves!