Website Creator Information

All written content on this website (including claims and theories presented) was created by Michael Laboch. I am completely independent and not involved in government, “big pharma”, or any other organization. Most graphics, diagrams, and memes are from government websites to help prove their compliance.

Essentially, I have been a problem solver and systems developer most of my life. I have excelled in Quality Assurance and have been a Quality Assurance manager for over a decade. I inspected items in production to verify that they are being made correctly. I am also a Lead Auditor for ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems. This means that I inspect big corporations to verify that they follow Good Manufacturing Practices and have established safety procedures.

I usually am responsible for maintaining company “Corrective and Preventive Action” logs. This means that I analyze problems, figure out how and why they happened (called “root cause analysis”), and then implement plans to prevent them from re-occuring.

I normally maintain company compliance with all regulatory agencies such as OSHA, EPA, and the FDA.

After analyzing coronavirus and COVID-19, I determined that the causes of the pandemic are different than what we are being told! Because of this,  we need to take NEW STEPS to stop the REAL reasons why people are dying!

I invested my own time and money to create this website to get important information out to the public to try to SAVE LIVES! 

What if I’m right?

Please investigate my claims and review the NEW ways to save lives revealed on this website!