Challenge #8

Prove that “coronavirus” is not the “flu” virus.

This actually should be easy!

Arrange to bring a sample of a “coronavirus” and a sample of a flu virus to our lab so we can analyze them ourselves and take photos to post on this website. To simplify this, you can just bring an autopsy sample of lung tissue from a person who died from “coronavirus” and a tissue sample from a person who has the flu virus. (This should be an opportunity to prove that the flu virus is not man-made.)

Include your test data that proves which is which.

Here are some links to government websites about the FLU …

If you examine the map at the link above …
you will notice THE FLU is at the lowest level recorded! (And COVID-19 is at the level the flu normally is at.)

If nobody can deliver a sample of either that is not man-made, “We the People” need to decide what to do about it.

This challenge will remain posted on this website until proof is submitted that “coronavirus” can actually be distinguished from the common flu.