Challenge #10

Prove WHY we should take an experimental vaccine.

Let’s not play dumb.

The military is involved with aspects of COVID-19.

They know an important rule, along with most of us.

Before taking action against a perceived threat …

1. Identify your target.       

A vaccine is similar to a bullet. They both are used to “kill” or destroy the target. Before using either, you should know what to aim at.

Has our leaders correctly identified the target for us? Can they make a “wanted” poster with an accurate photo of what they are calling “coronavirus” along with an illustration of it’s parts? So far, the answer is “no”. Why? Does this make sense to you?

Seriously … we all know what normally happens in the movies:

  1. They capture one of the “enemy aliens”

  2. They take lots of photos to identify it

  3. They dissect it to see how it is made

  4. They analyze all the parts for potential weaknesses

WHY can’t our scientists at least do that? Who besides me would like to see autopsy photos of one of these “alien monsters” being called “coronavirus”? 

Don’t we normally call something “imaginary” until we prove it’s real? Essentially, scientists are blaming the current increase of deaths on something still considered to be “imaginary”. What if there is a different reason people are dying that hasn’t been discovered (or revealed) yet? What if it requires a different solution to stop the “preventable” deaths instead of getting a vaccine? The solutions presented on this website do NOT require a vaccine! Shouldn’t they be considered also?

WHY should we take a potentially life-threatening experimental vaccine to prevent something that the so-called experts can’t even prove exists or is the real cause of the increased deaths?

How do you respond to the claims made at the links below ?

Have YOU wondered … 


“We the People” need to know … WHY do we NEED a vaccine?

This challenge will remain posted here until an intelligent reason is provided.