Challenge #1

Prove the “coronavirus” exists.

Is the image below really a deadly monster named “coronavirus SARS CoV-2”?


This actually should be easy!

Arrange to bring ONE sample of a “coronavirus” to a lab that we select so we can analyze it ourselves and take photos to post on this website. To simplify this, you can just bring an autopsy sample of lung tissue from ONE person who died from “coronavirus”.

Seriously … this should be easy! With so many alleged deaths from this … produce ONE sample.

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For comparison purposes, please also include a sample, measurements, and photos of the Solid Lipid Nanoparticles that Pfizer and Moderna intend to use to target the delivery of their future mRNA vaccines and INJECT INTO OUR BODIES.

If nobody can prove “coronavirus” exists, then there must be something else causing the increase of recent deaths!

This challenge will remain posted here until proof is submitted that “coronavirus” exists!