Evolution of “Coronavirus”

Do some things about the “coronavirus pandemic” just not make sense to you?
What you are about to read will present a completely different perspective on things.
Ask yourself if this makes more sense then the “official” story.


  1. Scientists invented powerful new microscopes to see really small things.
  2. They created a new measurement called “nano-meters”.
  3. A sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick.
  4. Scientists started making “nano” size things.
  5. People realized it would become a very profitable industry.
  6. The military got involved.
  7. The military invested LOTS of money to use this new technology to develop new weapons.
  8. Taxpayers paid for LOTS of research and development.
  9. Many companies got involved and started making LOTS of money.
  10. The government investigated and determined that it is VERY TOXIC TO HUMANS.
  11. Because of the danger, many new regulations and testing were recommended.
  12. Experts predicted LOTS of profits to be made in the industry.
  13. Safety regulations slowed down new developments ( as they are intended to do ) and profits.
  14. To boost the economy and make himself look good, our former President removed many safety regulations.
  15. The new “nanotechnology” industry exploded with new products to make LOTS of money and no safety-regulations to worry about!
  16. Dangers were ignored in the race to make the most money. 
  17. Scientists invented “iron-oxide nanoparticles” and microspheres to “target” delivery of drugs.
  18. Terminally ill nursing home patients were used to test this experimental technology. 
  19. This is why deaths are concentrated there. Patients signed liability waivers for them to try new “life-saving” technology.
  20. Scientists have been unofficially performing human testing of new products for many years.


  1. New high-frequency microwave communications technology referred to as “5G” was created.
  2. As the frequency of microwave signals increase, the wavelength decreases. Essentially, the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength.
  3. Unfortunately, the short wavelengths of the new 5G technology affects microscopic metallic nanoparticles!
  4. Scientists who created the “iron-oxide nanoparticles” (also called “microspheres”) as a “novel drug delivery system” did not expect this.
  5. The high-frequency microwave radiation excites the experimental metallic nanoparticles in people’s bodies. This causes excessive mucus to be created as an immune system response which often leads to death. 
  6. The experimental microspheres containing what is essentially time-release drugs are triggered to release everything. 
  7. Companies were worried about losing the BIG profits they made by paying wrongful death claims to the victims.
  8. A plan was devised.
  9. Deny that it is their product causing the deaths.
  10. Invent an imaginary monster called “coronavirus” to blame the deaths on to shift responsibility for the deaths.
  11. “Big pharma” actually gave the media a correct illustration for the cause of the current wave of preventable deaths! They just didn’t tell us that they invented it!  
  12. They changed the name on the illustration from “iron-oxide nanoparticle” to “coronavirus” and a new enemy monster was created to blame the deaths on!
  13. Scientists are attempting to create a more effective non-metallic drug delivery system than the man-made iron-oxide nanoparticles.
  14. Instead of them paying to develop this, they tricked the American taxpayers into paying for it! The funding we gave them to create a vaccine is actually being used to create a new version of their product that is non-metallic. Since deaths will stop when they start using their new product (instead of their previous metallic nanoparticles), it will seem like they are stopped by the new vaccines!
  15. These new “microspheres” are officially called “solid lipid nanoparticles”. The two types in Pfizer’s new vaccine are identified as “Lipid ALC-0159” and “Lipid ALC-0315”.
  16. Both Moderna and Pfizer will use these new non-metallic microspheres to replace the ones affected by “5G” high-frequency microwave radiation.
  17. Essentially, they are replacing their old product (that is killing people) with a safer new one.

  18. The new one is expected to be safe with the new 5G technology.
  19. Unfortunately, all the patients who were given the experimental treatment over the last 10 years WILL DIE as “5G” is installed!
  20. Because LOTS of profits are in danger, a “cover story” was invented.
  21. They have two choices.
  22. Stop installing high-frequency “5G” and save the lives of all the people who took the experimental medicine. Or …
  23. Finish installing and implementing “5G”, make LOTS of profits, let all those old people die, and blame their deaths on an imaginary monster virus.
  24. Which choice do YOU think they chose?


  1. Introduce the new non-metallic “drug delivery vehicle” called a “Solid Lipid Nanoparticle” as a new vaccine.
  2. Make LOTS of money making and selling new vaccines.
  3. Test different amounts and concentrations with LIVE test subjects.
  4. Isolate people from each other to reduce knowledge of actual deaths.
  5. Blame all deaths on the imaginary “coronavirus” instead of experimentation with vaccine dosages.
  6. Analyze death patterns to determine the best dosage.
  7. All deaths caused by “5G” exciting the man-made metallic nanoparticles in victims will end after the installation and testing of the “5G” network is complete. Everybody who was injected with the experimental medical treatments containing nanoparticles will be dead!
  8. New deaths caused by experimenting with the vaccine dosages will slowly end as technicians perfect the “best” dosage.
  9. The alleged pandemic will then be over!
  10. “Big pharma” will not have to pay wrongful death claims.
  11. The vaccine will be credited with ending the pandemic.
  12. The profits will continue!
  13. People will we required to take repeat vaccinations.
  14. Repeat vaccinations means LOTS more profits!
  15. New vaccines will be created along with new “monsters” to justify people taking them.
  16. The pharmaceutical industry is planning to convince people to take over 200 vaccines! Each of these for a substantial profit of course!