The first NEW way people are dying …

man-made iron-oxide microspheres being called “coronavirus”

What is being presented to us as “coronavirus” is not alive or contagious! It’s actually expensive man-made technology being used in experimental cancer treatments (along with other applications). Most people will never come in contact with it.

The picture and the description given to the public is actually of a man-made “novel drug delivery system” called an iron-oxide nanoparticle (or microsphere). It has been used for over a decade with cancer patients and other terminally ill victims that researchers experiment on to test new medications.

Basically, they put drugs into tiny metal spheres and then inject them into the body of a patient who has what they CLAIM to be a terminal disease.

After that, technicians use high-powered magnets to move the drug-filled metal microspheres to a specific location or organ. (This is similar to an old toy where you used a magnet to move metal particles around on a drawing of a face to add hair or a beard to the image.)

After they get to the desired location, drugs inside them get released. More “pegs” on the surface increases the drug delivery rate. “Attacking the PEGs” means reducing the number of them put on the outside of the microspheres. 

One disadvantage of this technology is that there is no way to remove the left-over microspheres! After the drugs are released, these empty magnetic metal microspheres remain in the lungs, kidneys, or other organs that were targeted. Their paid scientists decided this was OK, because they assumed that patients probably would never be exposed to high-frequency radiation outside their labs.

Unfortunately, developers of this technology had no idea that some guy was going to put satellites into orbit around the Earth and beam high-frequency “5G” microwave radiation all over the planet!

Take some aluminum foil and rip it into tiny pieces and put it in your microwave on high for a minute. Repeat the experiment by putting the tiny pieces of metal between two pieces of meat. They still burn up!  Now imagine these tiny pieces of metal in your lungs as you walk into high-frequency “5G” microwave radiation.

Now you understand why ventilators don’t help. Forcing more air into someone is not the solution.

Unless we stop the installation and activation of high-frequency “5G” immediately (until safety tests are conducted PUBLICALY), everyone who received this experimental medical treatment WILL DIE!