Allegations to expose the truth …

By Michael Laboch  11-3-2020

  1.  What is being presented to the public as a “coronavirus” is actually a man-made “novel drug delivery system” called a microsphere.

  2.  It has been in use over a decade for “experimental” cancer treatments and a variety of other “uses”.

  3. These will be used by both Pfizer and Moderna to “target” delivery of their new mRNA vaccines for COVID-19!

  4. If you look through a microscope, the new mRNA vaccines that they are planning to inject into YOUR body will be contained in microspheres that look EXACTLY like the “coronavirus” illustration!

  5. The diagrams being shown for the “coronavirus” are actually from a 2016 manufacturer’s illustration of a man-made “solid lipid microsphere” used to “target” delivery of drugs.

  6. These microspheres containing mRNA vaccines are man-made, expensive, and can only be injected into the body.   (Another cause of death, nanoparticles, can be inhaled into the lungs. This will be discussed in another section.)

  7. Therefore, the microspheres (that are being called “coronavirus”) are not contagious and cannot become airborne.

  8. Masks are totally ineffective since “coronavirus” is not airborne.

  9. Masks reduce oxygen inhaled and reduce CO2 exhaled. 

  10. Hand sanitizer does not help because they will never be on exposed surfaces. They are expensive, so you won’t find any just laying around.

  11. One of the disadvantages of this “novel drug delivery system” is that after they deliver their enclosed drug, the empty metallic microspheres remain in the body.

  12. Unfortunately, these residual microspheres (the leftover containers that were used to deliver the new mRNA vaccines) are affected by high frequency radiation.

  13. This is the big “oops”!

  14. Who is really dying from “coronavirus” … the patients who received this experimental cancer treatment before 5G was invented.

  15. As more and more 5G antennas are being installed while the public is in lockdown, more patients who received this experimental treatment will die as they become activated!

  16. The pandemic will end after the 5G grid is installed and fully activated. All the people with left-over metallic iron-oxide microspheres from experimental medical treatment will die!

  17. This will get blamed on an imaginary monster virus to avoid lawsuits.

  18. Should “we the People” allow the murder of our elderly to continue because they interfere with profits?

  19. Are you OK with the deaths of your grandparents being accepted as “collateral damage”?

  20. Do you dare investigate the proof behind my allegations and try to prove me wrong?


Seriously … who can prove ANY of these claims wrong?

Otherwise, there is no need to wear masks, social distance, or be injected with an experimental vaccine!