Introduction to the “Questions” section

The only way to learn “The Truth” about anything is to ask questions. Investigate the answers, research alternatives, and make your own decisions!

Do not accept being told what to think!

We have the right to make our own choices. This also means that we have the right to consider more than one option. Information should not be withheld from us! 

What if important details were intentionally withheld from us to avoid lawsuits and make billions in profits?

The information and photos on this website have been out for many years. If  you haven’t seen them before, ask WHY?

Imagine if Trump, Fauci, Gates, or the CDC would have told us about this new technology a year ago? How much differently would YOU have acted if you knew the information on this website a year ago? WHY was this withheld from us? 

COVID-19 and the “pandemic” involve many new technologies that most of us have never heard of. These are explained in the “Nanotechnology” and “Reference” sections.

You really do need to learn what these are so you will understand WHO is making incredible profits, WHAT coronavirus is, WHY people are dying, and HOW we can save lives! 

All our lives are in danger … including yours!

We the People” have some important decisions to make.

Please review the facts and decide for yourself what to believe …

and more importantly … what we need to do!