Identify and protect those with the highest potential

to become  “coronavirus” victims



Create a computer database of ALL people that received medical treatment using man-made metallic iron-oxide nanoparticles. Also create separate databases for patients that received gold and copper nanoparticles.
Include name, phone#, zip-code, date of treatment, the reason for treatment, the type of nanoparticle used, and a code to identify if they are alive or dead.
Load a data file of “5G rollout” dates per zip-code and add these dates to the main database.
Sort by “5G rollout” date and give list of names to a telemarketing operation to call them.
For dates prior to today, contact the person and determine if they are still alive and update their status. Inform them of immediate evacuation procedures to prevent their deaths!
For future dates, contact the people and warn them about the situation.



Have “big pharma” pay to move them to cruise ships where they can stay outside the range of land-based 5G towers and enjoy the time they have left.
After Elon finishes installing the satellite 5G network, they will die also.



Do we stop this from happening, or do we accept it as the cost of progress?