The FASTEST way to stop people from dying …

1.  TURN OFF all “5G” high-frequency wireless transmitters (over 5 GHz) immediately! It’s that simple. Shut it off and people will stop dying. Period.

Lives are at stake! (Fiberoptic and cable are faster and much safer than wireless.)

2.  Try to prove me wrong! Go a full month with NO high-frequency “5G” microwave radiation. If I’m wrong … the death rate will stay the same. If I’m right, THOUSANDS OF LIVES WILL BE SAVED! Isn’t that a good enough reason to try?

3.  Who decides if this is worth trying, the wealthy corporations who are profiting off of this or “We the People” who are dying from this?

4.  Manufacturers need to PROVE that “5G” does not affect the man-made nano-particles and metallic microspheres that are used in experimental cancer treatments … and KILL the patients!

5.  Stop the installation and activation of WIRELESS high-frequency “5G” microwave equipment until safety concerns are resolved.

I agree that “5G” has many wonderful benefits … but unfortunately it is hazardous to humans. Bummer. It sucks to have invested all that money, and now find out that you might lose it all because it can be fatal to some humans! (Maybe if people think it is some imaginary monster virus you can get it installed before they can stop you! In the next 6 months, everyone who took those experimental cancer treatments will die off. It’s like killing off all of the witnesses!) By the way … current cable and fiberoptic systems can actually provide faster speeds to the majority of people without radiation risks.

6.  STOP all human exposure to high-frequency radiation over 5 GHz. (Even that is not safe for humans, but it will allow us to continue with 4G wireless phones.)

7.  Erect test equipment so the public can monitor high-frequency radiation in their local areas and prove there is none.

Sometimes companies create products that just aren’t safe for humans!

“We the People” need to decide what’s more important TO US …

the profits of a few companies or OUR survival?